Welcome to FGBMFI

We are the happiest people on earth in over 140 countries globally, comprising men and women ordinarily doing the extraordinary.

We are globally as one, with a deep concern for every nation and every race, networking thousands of people on weekly basis with Christ as our Anchor. We equip one another to reach out to others through our personal testimonies.

Enjoy your tour of who we are and what we do!


Operation 7X4

Being fruitful and multiplying the numbers of men and women ready to march on with the Gospel. We are Recruiting, Equipping and Deploying!

National President – Dr. George Prah

Why Join The Happiest People On Earth

We are the largest Christian Business Leaders organization across the globe, making the nations as one and networking men and women with the Gospel of Christ Jesus. In our midst are Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Princes, Ministers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Farmers, Carpenters, and many more.

We are a Fellowship, just a service arm of the Church. Recruiting, Equipping and Deploying members to complement the mission of the Church here on earth.

Our core function is to train members and send them back to their respective Churches to be better leaders, and not to be pew warmers.

Be a part of this great move of God in bringing men to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Look for a Chapter near you and be part of The Happiest People on Earth.