Monthly Archives - June 2019

Resumption of “Normal” Chapter Activities

Following the partial easing of restrictions on church and religious gatherings announced by Government a week ago, the question of resumption of normal Chapter activity has come up for consideration by the NEC at its meeting held on Wednesday 3rd June.

The NEC has decided that:

  1. All FGBMFI Chapters shall either continue to, or start to operate virtually ONLY until further notice.
  2. Physical meeting shall remain suspended until further notice.

The NEC took the following factors into consideration:

  1. The strict guidelines issued by Government particularly with respect to social distancing, duration of meetings, hygiene and sanitation requirements, Limited attendance etc
  2. The continued closure of most hotels and meeting places used by the fellowship.
  3. The aged and vulnerable amongst our diverse membership
  4. The health and safety for our members, guests and hotel residents and staff.
  5. The enormous potential that social media offers for us to advance our mission and mandate: We can reach even more people than ever before.

The NEC therefore recommends a gradual approach to resumption of physical meetings, which will be subject to approval on a chapter to chapter basis only.

The NEC will constitute two Task Forces:

Task Force 1:

To ensure a chapter is fully compliant with guidelines and that it is safe and viable for a chapter to resume physical meetings.

Task Force 2:

To assist Chapters establish virtual capability and ensure that all chapters have resumed chapter activity by hosting weekly virtual meetings.

Chapters and members are encouraged to utilize the vast FGBMFI resources available on our website, YouTube and Facebook channels for their continuous growth and development, and to strengthen fellowship as is still very possible through established virtual channels.

We have moved from ‘Chapterlization’ to ‘Personalisation’ and the mission is Possible.