Ghana is poised to experience an atmosphere of the overwhelming presence of God through the Holy Spirit, using the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, as we announced the 2019 National Convention! It will showcase the manifest presence of God and His Holy Spirit working healings, mighty deliverance and unheard and unseen miracles in the lives of thousands of men and women that will be ministered to at various communities and at the Accra International Conference Centre, starting the 22nd to 24th of August 2019!

At Full Gospel, we espouse the tenets of integrity, love, and fellowship, tied to training and enabling men discover their true purposes on earth and living out their potentials at the service of God and humanity. This is epitomized in our unending trips to the prisons, hospitals, beaches, and schools drawing men to God. This is what extends into our National Convention, with a host of strategic events to reach out to communities, organizations and individuals. A novel initiative to the Convention is the Community based Mini Rallies to conceptualize the usual outreaches of the Fellowship in a larger open space, strategically assuaging the myth of the Fellowship belonging to the rich and well to do in society.


The theme of the 2019 Convention, “You are my Witnesses”, was prayerfully couched from the annual theme of the Fellowship, “Manifesting His Power”. The convention will gracefully manifest God’s power, using men, who ordinarily wouldn’t be on the pulpit to preach, witnessing to the needs of other men and women.

We will witness an awesome outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit, demonstrating the power of God through ordinary masons, carpenters, lawyers, teachers, farmers, petty traders, CEOs, managing directors, cleaners, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and an unending list of people who have experience the goodness of God in their personal or family or corporate lives and are willing to tell their stories to others just like themselves!


Converse to previous conventions, the 2019 Convention has measured objectives to accomplish, targeting over 3,000 souls, firmly establishing them to maturity partnering with local churches.


The glamour of the convention isn’t only climaxed in the souls to be won, but also, the witness presence of the International President, Mario Garcia, and an entourage of Latinos across South America deciding to be participants at the convention, taking part in all preliminary activities of the Convention. It will be a convocation of the saved and unsaved with the saved passionately desiring the change of status of the unsaved.

Certainty is also about the participation of members from neighbouring African countries including Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin, Nigeria, the Gambia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, and a host of others.


In Ghana, the focus is hinged on the crème de la crème of the business world, Christendom, governance, and industry to participate. As a Fellowship adorned with industry and business leaders, the Conventions segmentation includes business luncheons and seminars, providing opportunities to organizations to introduce their business, an atmosphere for incubation and the birth of partnerships, as well as establishing strategic partnerships among businesses.


We urge you to watch out, plan, participate and be a witness of this memorial for which Ghana will standstill and testify of the power of God, and the change of the destinies of many, known and unknown, strong and weak, believed and the unbelieved!

“Yes! I am a Witness, Are YOU?…Come along and we shall be Witnesses of His greater glory!”

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Registration Fee – US$100
Please note payment for registration will be received upon arrival in Ghana.

Mario Garcia

International President FGBMFI

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche

Senior Pastor, DIGC Worldwide

Prophet Adama Tuo

Ivory Coast

Rev. Isaac Kudjoe


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