Breaking Up With Marijuana

Breaking Up With Marijuana

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  • June 19, 2020

Testimony of Mr. John Asogonnde


Going To Church Doesn’t Make You Christian

I have come to understand that it is one thing being a Christian and another thing to be a regular church attendant. The two are worlds apart. Even though I was born by default into a Christian family by reason of the fact that my father was a Pastor of a renowned church in the Oti region, it was not until September 2018 that I finally encountered Christ Jesus and accepted Him as my lord and personal saviour.

Sinking Into Rebellion

I started masterbation when I was 13 years old and broke my virginity two years later exactly on the night after my last BECE paper.  Thereafter I became more rebellious and started indulging in all manner of deviant behaviour.  In 2012, my friends and I broke bounds from school for a fanfare at Krobo Girls and we were so reckless that we returned to school after almost 5 days. By this time, our absence had gotten to the attention of the Headmaster and expectantly after our arrival, we were given an indefinite suspension from school. By some divine intervention I gained admission to Valley View University even though I still had one year left to finish high school.

I was so excited and felt I was finally free as I now had my own room in the university without parental control. With my new found freedom I delved deeper and deeper into rebellion and immorality. I became sexually promiscuous having multiple sex partners. Having started smoking cigarettes in secondary school, I was curious of having a shot at marijuana and sooner than later, I got hooked to this herb at the expense of my academic work. My friends and I neglected lectures and turned our hostel into a party headquarters. We renamed our hostel “GoatHouse” after the famous GoatHouse of an American TV series, “Blue State Mountain”. Anyone who has seen that movie would know exactly what sorts of conducts we put up.

At a point I started working for an entertainment TV channel and later with a renowned Ghanaian musician who owns a night club and a record label. Apparently this gave me the opportunity and access to explore all the world had to offer. One of my nicknames back then was “Vice President”. It was an irony comparing my ambition of becoming president with my lifestyle which was filled with all sorts of vices.

U-Turn on YouTube

After school I continued working for the musician and even moved into his apartment. I continued my notorious lifestyle at an even higher pace until I finally got saved by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I recall one cozy evening when I came across a sermon on YouTube by Dr Mensa Otabil. The title of this message was “Stepping out Of Your Prison”. I absolutely got interested because it resonated so well with my life which had nothing to write home about. I always had troubles every other day, involved in several car accidents, getting drunk and misplacing valuable items, issues with different girls and falling sick often. The sermon instantly gave me a new perception about life and I listened to him more and more till I finally gave my life to Christ few months later.

Parting With The Past

After becoming born again, I broke contact with friends and acquaintances who could easily lure me back to the wayward life of sex, drugs and alcohol. The moment I decided to put studying above partying, marriage and family above sexual promiscuity and hard work above money-— my turnaround reverberated and I began to rewrite the script of my life on a new page all together. I lost many good friends but through it all, my God has not failed me and I have learnt to trust Him for my sustenance and to depend upon His word.

I decided to write about my experience with marijuana in a book titled “Breaking up with Mary Jane” which I incorporated with a 30-day guideline to quit smoking. By God’s grace, the book has had a great reception so far with numerous testimonies flowing in from around the world.

Looking at what the Lord has done for me over the past year, I call Him “EL REBRONDE – The Lord who rebrands you into the best version of yourself.”