As For Me, I Don’t Take Bribe

As For Me, I Don’t Take Bribe

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  • June 19, 2020

Testimony of Mr. Seth Amponsah


Unashamedly Ethical

“AS FOR ME, I DON’T TAKE BRIBE” – This was a statement that changed the course of my eternally and drove me to the Young Executive Chapter (YEC) of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI).

It was during a sales pitching conversation with Mr. Seth Koomson (Vice President-YEC) when he made the above statement. I really wanted to land this deal, and was using the normal trend of promising a percentage cut if he pushed through a deal for me. It usually works, but not with this guy. I got offended but was also confused as to why a young marketing manager in his prime could reject such an offer. After all, everyone else is doing it and it has become an industry standard so I found his refusal very strange.

Some few weeks later, I saw a flyer on his WhatsApp status displaying Mr. Frank Nelson as a guest speaker of the Young Executive Chapter. I attended the meeting thinking that it was going to be an opportunity to push further and impress upon him to land this deal.

My life hasn’t been the same after visiting the FGBMFI. I was amazed at the level of reception accorded me and all other first time guests to the Young Executive Chapter. I responded to the altar call and went through the mandatory bible studies program happily.  I got myself a study bible as I got the understanding that God wants me to read my bible, and fellowship with equally yoked believers.

Has God Neglected Me?

Prior to all this, I had quitted my job due to family reasons and things weren’t going as planned. I had started my own company and sent numerous proposals to several organizations but there were no signs of hope. How could there not be a single response from all these companies I had sent proposals to? I kept wondering and having wild thoughts that God had neglected me. I was on a downhill slide and I was going down very fast. My faith in Christ was diminished even though I occasionally went to church.


The first call came a few days after the August breakfast meeting of our chapter requesting me to supply some billboard advertising locations. Another call came within the same week and this was followed by calls offering me jobs to do. Like a flood gate that had been opened, I began getting calls from referrals and organizations I had never sent proposals to. Some clients would even make advance payments before commencement of the projects. Surprisingly, I never paid a dime to anybody to solicit for a contract, but the calls never ceased. I could count as many as fifteen new deals between August 31 and October 7.

God Answers Prayers

A friend called me some few days later and handed over a car key to me. Apparently, he had gotten a new car for his wife and wanted me to use the car his wife was previously driving. This was an answer to a pressing need I had been praying for. I didn’t have an office so I needed a car for my sales and pitching meetings as well as a mobile office.

On October 5, I received a call from a colleague in the advertising industry that I was entitled to a commission for referring a client to her company. Two days later, while on my way to the Monday Seminar meeting, I got a bank alert prompting me that the money had hit my account.

A Better Life

Today, it’s all smiles in my home. My wife is eager to visit the Chapter and inquire what has caused this transformation in my life.

Glory be to God for this massive transformation. We can all live a victorious and a better life. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Let’s hold on to our faith and work diligently and righteously in His kingdom. The integrity of one person who stood his grounds not to accept a bribe from me has enlightened me, and that was what I needed to return to the path of heaven. To God be the glory.