Chasing After Money

Chasing After Money

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  • April 11, 2020

Testimony of Mr. Mario Garcia

*Mr. Mario Garcia is currently the International President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.


Chasing after Money

I was a billionaire who possessed everything, but happiness. I owned three companies, and the one that gave me most profit was in the field of agriculture. I was managing the seed department in this agricultural company and there were many workers under my command; it was very stressful. There were times when I had to travel the whole day just to reach certain areas in the search of money. Money had become my “god” and I was obsessed with amassing more and more of wealth. I thought I had everything, but deep down within was a void which could not be filled by my craze and crave for money and acquisitions.

This caused me to reflect upon my life and kept me wondering if there was something else in this life that I could do to have a better life.

There was no place for God in my life even though I had been raised as a catholic by parents who taught me that God existed and if I caused trouble He would come and react. If I did bad things, bad things would return to me. That was my thinking about God and I went to church on Sundays mainly because my parents sent me there and not because I was deeply persuaded by myself to do so.

I Turned My Back on Principles

In my zeal to earn a lot of money and a social place in life, I disregarded my religious and moral principles and ran into a lot of problems.

I became an alcoholic and a heavy smoker. I was never sick, but always felt horrible. My wife and I started considering about getting a divorce. We had three children at that time. My heart was hardened and I felt no emotion at all when discussing the divorce. My life was filled with problems which eventually caused me to turn my back on the people that I loved. My problems became increasingly complex and I ended up being rendered bankrupt.

The Great Invitation

One day, due to many circumstances, I returned to my home town and talked to a person about my problems. He said to me, “I am going to invite you to a businessmen’s dinner.” In 1995, I attended my first FGBMFI meeting. I saw many businessmen in that meeting. One of them started giving testimony. He said these profound words, “I am going to invite you to meet the owner of gold and silver.”

Sure, I wanted to meet this guy. This meeting was free of charge anyway. He was talking about the Lord Jesus Christ. He told me to repeat a prayer after him and it turned out to be a prayer of salvation. That day I started my new life!

I invited Jesus Christ into my life and my heart, and He began a new work in me immediately. Instantly, there was a change in the whole aspect of my life including my marriage, family, and businesses. I received peace and began to experience true happiness. Jesus came and filled my heart replacing the “god” of money I was pursuing and filling the emptiness that I longed to fill. I f was to make more money void in my heart as I felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. My life was significantly changed.

Until then, no one had ever told me that I could have a personal relationship with God. Before I attended this Fellowship, no one ever told me that I could have God as my partner. Through the Full Gospel Fellowship, I learned that He could be my Friend, my Guide and much more. I did not know this truth until I became a part of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.


A Better Life

Suddenly I was living a new life. Many good things began to take place in my businesses. One week after I received Jesus Christ in my heart, my wife, Sylvia, said to me, “You have changed! You are a completely changed man.” I did not notice the changes, but my wife did. I invited my wife to this Fellowship where she also received the Lord. She is currently working with me in this Fellowship and is actively participating in the Ladies of the Fellowship.

We were both filled with the Holy Spirit in the FGBMFI meetings and our marriage was miraculously restored.

Jesus Christ brought new things and genuine happiness to our lives. Now that my priorities in life have changed, I am spending more time with my wife and children.

My businesses are blessed by the Lord and miracles are happening in these businesses. I have started many new businesses such as a Consulting firm where I consult for agro based business companies. This company generates good profit for us and I’m grateful for the good thing that God is doing my life.

My Daughter’s Healing

When my first daughter was about 5 years old, she became very sick. I realized that the disease was the result of my actions. My daughter had epilepsy. Whenever I saw the convulsion in her body, I would feel tremendous guilt. The Lord told me that my money or my social status was not able to heal my daughter. For 5 – 6 years I took her to many doctors for treatment. Finally, the Lord said, “Wait for your time!” That time came and He completely healed my daughter. My daughter became a new child!

No amount of words are enough to thank the Lord for what He has done in my life. I desire to serve Him more by winning more souls to Christ.

God, through the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship has changed my life. I am grateful to this Fellowship and what they did to help turn my life around and to return to the basic principles that I once knew!