A call for National Repentance by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Ghana

The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has been a wakeup call to Ghana and the world, and there has indeed been a shaking.  Beyond the Covod-19 pandemic, is a looming socio-economic crisis of the likes that have not been seen since the great depression. Global experts declare the fortunes of Africa dire. Our illustrious Finance Minister speaks of at least 3 years to recover with best efforts.

For any renewal, there has to be a stirring in the hearts of God’s people in the Church and marketplace. A stirring calls for decisive action. From the spiritual perspective, we think these calls for nothing short of true repentance.

Repentance means a 180- degree change.  We must want the change with all our hearts. We must want to get rid of the wrong things, habits, attitudes, practices we have held onto for too long. Like Israel of old, we have plenty of false gods in Ghana – greed, selfishness, deceit, my prosperity, my church- My, My, My. We must turn our hearts to the Lord. We must Obey Him alone, and decide to put GOD FIRST.

We are convinced that it is only when we embrace the path of repentance and choose ethics, wholesome values and clean living, as individuals in the marketplace, as the Church and as Government, will God move on our behalf.

The Scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14 clearly lays out the pathway and the requirements for true repentance.

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall, a humble themselves, and b pray, and cseek my face, and dturn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

In this scripture, God is clear and unambiguous about his requirements for healing the land. However, the scripture has been overused without understanding or commitment to follow its requirements to the letter as God intended. But without fulfilling all the requirements, our prayers, as has been the case in Ghana, are an exercise in futility. The outcome is clear; we cannot continue the same old pathway as we have done and expect different results.

As per 2 Chronicles 7:14, God reminds His people called by His name (The Body of Christ) of the four conditions of true repentance, namely. (1), Humbling; (2) Prayer; (3) Seek my face; and (4); Turn from their wicked ways, the totality of which is summed up as true repentance.

“Ghana- Repent and Live”, wishes to focus on condition (4), because it is the least addressed, by God’s people in the church and marketplace.

God blessed Ghana with an abundance of natural and human capital and caused her to lead Africa as the first nation in Africa South of the Sahara to attain independence.

Christian practice, ethics and wholesome values propagated through the Church, schools and civil service in no small way contributed to the molding of our young flourishing nation into a nation with great promise. However along the way, much waywardness has set in among God’s people. Hypocrisy, pollution, self-seeking, materialism, corruption, wickedness, indiscipline have replaced the sincerity and simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The bottom line is that a generation of Christians have emerged whom Christ can hardly recognize as His own. The youth, who are our future, are crying for mentoring, and we are woefully failing them.  We have dire need for Genuine Repentance as individuals, as corporate players, as the Church and as a nation.


  • We are calling for a Month of National Repentance – 1st May 2020 – 31st May 2020 (Day of Pentecost).
  • A Day of National Repentance – Saturday 30th May preceding Pentecost.
  • We are calling for nationwide prayers of repentance, for yourself, for you company for the church and for our nation Ghana.
  • A 24 Hour Prayer Chain throughout the Month of May by intercessory groups, in Ghana and elsewhere.
  • A weekly Zoom prayer meeting with invited participants.
  • Sharing of and meditation on scriptures leading to true repentance on Radio and TV stations around Ghana.
  • We will additionally participate in the World Day of Prayer ( 1st May)

And the Global Day of Prayer ( Global Day of Prayer ( 31st  May)

We call on All Church Denominations, Fellowships, Prayer Groups, Businessmen, Traders, Youth Groups, Professional and Business Christian Fellowship Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, Great Commission Movement, Government leaders. –  The entire Body of Christ to be part of this process.

  • .This is a marketplace driven initiative with the cooperation of ALL Churches in Ghana.

Luke 3:8-9 (NIV)

Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”


Welcome to our daily post for the May “National Month of Repentance.” I have explained the meaning of biblical repentance on today’s audio and readers might find that helpful. Each week has a theme, and each day has a brief look at a Bible verse and 2 ideas for prayer.  Each day builds on what has gone on before and adds a little more to our understanding of “Ghana- Repent and Live” so that our repentance will be genuine. Those of us who manage the whole 31 days will get the best idea of what the Lord is saying to us.


Week 1: Theme: Repent and believe the good news. (Mark 1:15)


Jesus encourages us to repent. This week we are going to see what that might mean for us.

DAY 1- Friday May 1, 2020

This woman had committed a very serious offence. The Lord forgave her – as he does everyone who comes to him. But there was more to it than just forgiveness – she had to lead a different life. She had to turn away from her old life and lead a new one.


Repentance is like this – a changed way of living in which we turn away from the old ways and walk in a new way – the way of Jesus. If we, God’s people, slip into old and ungodly ways, we have to turn from them and turn back to him. This is the process of repentance for the Christian.


Repentance, as we will see in the coming weeks, is a wonderful blessing. It is God’s way of getting us back on track if and when we stray. It is his provision so that we can always find our way back to him.


Ghana has slipped from the Lord’s path. Corvid-19 could well be God’s call to turn back –  to repent. Individuals have to do this and so does the Nation. This is what the Lord is asking from us and from Ghana if we are going to escape the disasters coming on us and be the Nation which is a light to the world.  It must begin with us. It must begin with you. It must begin with me. Let’s prepare our hearts for the repentance which we need.


PRAYER: “Lord, at the beginning of this month of repentance, I open my heart to you. Do not let me be blinded by self, but be willing to listen to you and to your Holy Spirit working in me.”


PRAYER: “Lord we love our land and we know that you do as well. If we have strayed from the path you intended for us, please do not forget us, but like the waiting Father, call us home and welcome us back.”  (Waiting Father – Luke 15:20)

DAY 2 - Saturday May 2, 2020

Repentance is a change in direction. But it is not as easy to do as we might think. Our inner self will gets in the way. It will say to us. – “What have I got to repent of?” That is our self-will speaking. It is also full of pride, arrogance and an unfounded assurance that all is well. Most of all, it doesn’t want us to look honestly at ourselves. It does not want us to answer this question – “In what ways have I been unrepentant? In what ways have I contributed to the unrepentant heart of Ghana?”  Can we face this question? Our self-will says “No” but the Spirit says “Please do. It is the path to life for all.”


Today we are facing a very simple truth about the “turning-around” process. Jesus tells us we have to deny all things from our selfish will, and fix our eyes on him if we want to walk in the path of repentance. If we can’t, then trouble lays ahead for us and for Ghana. Not easy is it?  Repentance never is. Satan opposes it because he fears it. A repentant Christian is full of power, and a repentance nation is full of power and glory. He doesn’t want it. A struggle to repent is beginning. This is going to get tough.


PRAYER: “Lord, help me to block out the thoughts which come from my self-will. Help me to let your Holy Spirit examine my heart and show me any unrepentance in me.”


PRAYER: “Lord, we want a repentant Ghana. Then we can be your child and a joy to your heart. But there is so much self-will in our land. So many who look only to themselves. Individuals and the Church. Forgive us for this. We repent before you.”

DAY 3 - Sunday May 3, 2020

Repentant people live by different rules to unrepentant people. Repentant people live by the rules of the cross. These are simple – obedience, service, deep love and the willingness to follow whatever the cost. Sadly, the Christians of Ghana seem to prefer different rules – comfort, ease, position, money and a self-centred and self-satisfied prosperity based faith.


Repentance will challenge us to choose. We either “take up the cross” with its call to love, obedience and service, or we take up the prosperity path of comfort, ease and money. Which to choose? Prosperity has no answer to the agony of the virus. The cross has the answer to everything and the power to see us through every difficulty.


Which path will we choose? There is one spiritual principle which we have to learn – we cannot walk on both. It is time to choose before it is too late and our Nation is lost. Repentance will open the way of the cross and the way of hope, but it is a hard path. It’s time to make a choice.


PRAYER. “Lord, it is hard to follow your cross. I know I have not done it as I should and I repent before you. I promise you that, with your help, I will walk a cross-centred life with my eyes fixed on you.”


PRAYER: “Lord, the cross must be at the heart of Ghana and it is not as central as it should be. We repent for this and ask you to bring

DAY 4 - Monday May 4, 2020.

Repentant people copy the life of Jesus. So we are not proud, grasping or looking for our own personal blessings. This is the life we must follow:-


Jesus took the nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death – even death on a cross.” (Philippians 2:7-8)


Repentance is, as we are beginning to see, a huge challenge to our selfish will and the self-centred Christianity which has appealed to many in Ghana. But that kind of faith has brought us to the brink of disaster. We need something better – we need to be a repentant people with our lives built on the pattern of Jesus.  Will you be such a one? Will I? Or will I let my selfish will and fear of the cost, or the loss of my position hold me back?


PRAYER: “Lord, I have never seen the challenge of repentance quite so clearly before. I want it, but the price is so high. Please help me.”


PRAYER: “Lord Ghana is my land. It has strayed far from you. Maybe if I and others can repent and lead the new life, you can call the Nation back to yourself and give us back our glorious promise of being a light to the world.”

DAY 5 - Tuesday May 5, 2020.

Repentance has been seen as such a dull and hard experience. But that is far from the truth. The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord. Joys is the mark of every Christian experience, including repentance.


Repentance changes our relationship with the Lord and instead of guilt or beating ourselves down, we are filled with joy and we are lifted up. Our lives are right with the Lord again and we can begin a new way of living. New opportunities for service will come to us. Perhaps we should replace the word “Repentance” with “Repentance with joy!” Putting our lives right with God is such a joyful experience.  Repenting people are a rejoicing people. When God’s people are filled with “repentance with joy” the nation also rejoices and all things are possible.


PRAYER: “Lord, I want to be filled with the joy of repentance. I open my heart to you. Show me the path of repentance.  Cleanse me and refill me with the joy of the Lord.”


PRAYER: “Lord, bring the nation back to you in repentance, so that Ghana can shine with the glory of the Lord.”

DAY 6 - Wednesday May 6, 2020.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of heaven in the daily life of Jesus, and we do in the story of the Lord sheep. It is not just the sheep who is happy to be found.  The Shepherd is happy as well. When we walk in the path of repentance, we are happy, but so is Jesus.


Repentance is not just to do with us. It brings joy to us and to the Lord. When the son returned (Luke 15:20) we read “When he was still a long way off, his father saw him and his heart was filled with compassion for him.”


It’s a great encouragement to me to know that as I struggle to repent of those things which have damaged my relationship with the Lord, I am bringing joy to him. This is a nice and reassuring thought. It helps me through the tough experiences of repentance. I think to myself “Jesus is with me in this repentance. It is an offering I can bring to him.”


PRAYER: “Lord I am the one who needs to repent and I am trying.  Yet you delight in my repentance. This is so incredible. Thank you for being such a loving Lord. Help me on.”


PRAYER: “Lord, if my walking the path of repentance brings joy to you, how much more joy will you get if a whole Nation repents. Lord, may my small repentance be multiplied so you can receive an abundance of joy.”

DAY 7 - Thursday May 7, 2020.

Let’s end this week on a positive note. If any person, church or Nation turns to repentance, the enemy will act. He fears repentance. He has seen what it can do in the past. (1 Samuel 7) He will mock us and claim that no one has authority to accept our repentance. We are prisoners to our failures, and that is that!


The Bible makes it clear that he is wrong.  Jesus has the authority to offer repentance and accept repentant people. He healed the paralysed men – proof to us that he can keep his word. So when he claims that “I have authority on earth to forgive,” we can trust his word. The Lord can grant our desire for repentance. He earns that right at Calvary. This is such a reassurance to those who are repenting. The enemy is lying –  as usual.


Quite a week of prayer. We have learnt that repentance is a changed way of living which is hard to enter and even harder to live out. The challenges of the cross are great –  especially as many have not taken that path in Ghana. But repentance can change everything. Joyful repentance is the key to a new future for Ghana. Is it possible? The authority of the Lord says it is. Our prayers and commitment this week has started a process of change. Next week we can go further if we want to. It is now up to us.


PRAYER: Lord, you are Lord of heaven and earth. All authority is in your hands. I know that you and you alone can hear my cry for repentance and that you and you alone can grant it.”


PRAYER: God bless our homeland Ghana.

Welcome to our daily post for the May “National Month of Repentance.” I have explained the meaning of biblical repentance on today’s audio and readers might find that helpful. Each week has a theme, and each day has a brief look at a Bible verse and 2 ideas for prayer.  Each day builds on what has gone on before and adds a little more to our understanding of “Ghana- Repent and Live” so that our repentance will be genuine. Those of us who manage the whole 31 days will get the best idea of what the Lord is saying to us.

DAY 8- Friday May 8, 2020

Many of God’s people are aware that something is wrong in Ghana but they do not know what, and they have been willing to go along with leaving things as they are. They have been unable to see that so many Churches are following a self centered and self seeking agenda, flawed by prosperity teaching which tells them they can have what they want, when they want with little effort, and live a life of comfort, with little challenge discipline, prayer, following the cross and serving the Lord without thought of reward.

The sins of the Nation have been swept under the carpet, just as Israel did in the presence of Prophet Jeremiah. “Neither Zedekiah or his attendants nor the people of the land paid any attention to the words of the Lord spoken through Jeremiah the Prophet.” (Jer. 37:2) The consequences of this rejection were disastrous. Are we heading in the same direction?

With a dangerous virus loose an a severely damaged economy, with personal freedoms restricted, an uncertain future and fear in our communities, has God got our attention now?


Prayer points:

“Open his eyes that he might see.” (2 Kings 6:17) If we are going to make progress in repentance as a nation, then many need their eyes open to see exactly where we are.The Nation is spiritually way out of line with where it needs to be. Prosperity has ruined our close and obedient walk with him. We have offended him once too often, yet still he gives us one more chance. Corvid 19 is shaking Ghana to the core. “Open our eye Lord that we might see the truth and come to repentance.”

DAY 9 - Saturday May 9, 2020

What is it about Ghana that is so offending God? Let’s start in Hosea 5:7

They are unfaithful to the Lord.” The Lord loved Ghana, and offered us the chance to serve him. But we chose a different path. We went after self gratification. The Lord sees this as unfaithfulness.

I’m sure many of us know this hymn – “When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died.” And it is totally right. The cross should be the centre of our National spiritual life – and nothing else. We kneel in adoration. We do not reach out to take. Once we replace obedience to the cross with anything else, we offend God, and that is just what Ghana has done.

Here is a vision of the church. We are living on the 37th floor of a high rise building. A fire begins in the lower floors, and a man rushes in to us. “The building is on fire” he says. “You must leave.” But we say “We see no flames and smell no smoke. You are wrong.”  The fire creeps up the floors, and each time the man rushes in and says “You must leave. The building is on fire.” But each time he gets the same response. Then at last he says “I won’t worry you anymore. The fire is now on the 37th floor.”

The virus has reached the 36th floor and an unfaithful church is unable to see. Our time is running out. Repentance is our only hope.


PRAYER POINT: “All the people of Israel turned back to the Lord.” Let’s pray that a turning will begin this day.

DAY 10 - Sunday May 10, 2020

The Jewish people would not listen to Jesus and his warnings to them. They were full of arrogance. So is Ghana. We are so convinced that God will never judge us that we refuse to listen to the warnings or read the signs. Hosea warns against it –“Israel’s arrogance testified against them.”


Our arrogance has testified against us. Our unfounded belief that God would never judge us is totally without foundation. It is us telling him what he can and cannot do. It is the behaviour of the builders of the Tower of Babel –“Come let us build ourselves a city with a Tower that reaches to the heavens that we may make a name for ourselves.” (Gen.11:4)


What can we do about this? We have to enter the path of national repentance. How do we do that? We can find the answer here:- (Luke 23:28-9)


“A large number of people followed Jesus, including women who mourned and wailed for him. Jesus turned and said to them “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children.  For the time will come when you will say “Blessed are the childless women, the wombs that’s never borne and the breasts that never nursed!”


We can begin to cry. Tears for our foolishness, for the emptiness of faith in Ghana, for the approaching disaster, for the loss of our promise. Tears for the disgrace and the shame of our land. Tears for the Lord who is so grieving over us, his beloved child.


When we begin to see these tears, we can begin to hope.


PRAYER POINT: Let’s ask the Lord to pour on us the gift of tears for the agony of his beloved Ghana. These tears will prepare the way for repentance. But we need rivers of them.


DAY 11 - Monday May 11, 2020.

What is the outworking of national sin?

Our promise is lost. The Lord wanted to use Ghana to touch the world. But our arrogance  and our unfaithfulness have lost us that promise, and Corvid 19 will destroy it.


Corruption destroys us. Corruption fills the life of Ghana at every level. The “dash” has become a way of life which appears to benefit those who do it. But what it really does is destroys our national relationship with God. The short term benefits of corruption have brought us to the brink of disaster.


The Name of Jesus is degraded. The precious name of Jesus has not been guarded and protected. Worse – it has suffered disgrace, as many of the corrupt ones claim to be his people.


No peace. The church has done what the false prophets did in Ezekiel’s day – “Because they lead my people astray saying “Peace” when there is no peace.” (13:10) The church and its leadership did not warn us of the danger we are in. We are at the brink of disaster because of their acceptance of the lazy and comfortable situation which developed. We are heading for spiritual destruction unless we repent and do so quickly.


PRAYER POINT: “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  Let us call passionately on his name – that he will hear our longing for repentance. Let this cry go up all over Ghana and beyond.

DAY 12 - Tuesday May 12, 2020.

We are all to blame for the mess we are in, because “we are the body of Christ.” No one can escape this responsibility – not even me. But hard questions will be asked of our national spiritual leadership, and such questions cannot be avoided. They should have been warning us of our error and the danger long ago. The situation may not have been their doing, but they have inherited it, so the responsibility rests with them. Today’s disaster lays at their feet.


Moses made no attempt to avoid his responsibility in a similar situation. When the people of God apostatised at with the Golden Calf, we read “Oh what a great sin these people have committed. They made themselves gods of gold. But now please forgive their sins – but if not blot me out of the book you have written.” (Ex.32:31)


Our spiritual leadership will, one day, have to give an account of what they allowed to happen. But we need them to follow the example of Moses now, who acted to save the people from disaster. We need them to confess their failure before us, repent and be prepared to lay down their lives that Ghana might live.


PRAYER POINT. “Lord you told us that the truth would set us free. We need to know the truth about those who lead us. Send your Holy Spirit into them. Lead them, with us to repentance.”

DAY 13 - Wednesday May 13, 2020.

By now we should have a good idea of what repentance is. But what stands in the way of its free movement? Many strongholds stand in the way and they must be broken. Pride, spiritual blindness, hidden sin, satanic activity –  they must all be destroyed before the Nation can repent. What breaks them? The blood of Jesus moving in a repentant people. His blood “speaks a better blood than the blood of Abel” (Hebs. 12:24), but it must flow in repentant hearts. How do we release the blood? Our month of repentance can do it. As we are changed, the power will be released.


If we block the flow of repentance, all is lost. The enemy knows this so has erected his strongholds to do just that. But the blood of Jesus, once reposed, will destroy all demonic  opposition.


We must pray harder for the movement of the Spirit –  touching hearts and opening the way.


PRAYER POINT: Release the Spirit of repentance among us, that the strongholds of the enemy might be broken and the nation turn in repentance back to the ways of the Lord.

DAY 14 - Thursday May 14, 2020.

I think it is time to make our first act of repentance, so that the blood of Christ can begin to flow. Here are the simple steps from Luke 15. Use them and expand them as seems right.


He came to his senses. “Father I acknowledge my unrepentance.”

I am starving to death. “Father I should never have left your protection.”

I will go back. “Father, I turn from my old way of life right now.”

I will say to him. “Father I am confessing with my lips my unrepentance.”

I have sinned.   “Father the fault is mine and mine alone.”


His father saw him and was filled with compassion. “Father thank you for wanting me back.” Threw his arms round him. “Father I will walk the repentant way from now on, with the cross at the centre of my life.


PRAYER POINT.  “Lord begin to move in repentance right now. Change hundreds of lives so that your name may be honoured and your power seen in Ghana. Begin with me.”