Our Operations

The member is the most important person in the Fellowship and the work of their local chapter is the primary plan of action in their city.

FGBMFI is truly a grass roots effort, yet with a global scope. This ultimately benefits each and every member. The strategy requires every member doing their part through their local chapter to impact their city. All the while, the member and chapter have the strength and influence of the international organization behind them in support.

The goal is to cover the world with the love of God – person by person and city by city.

“Friends, I believe God has a particular gift for each one of us, some special ability we’re to use for His kingdom. I believe if we find that gift – and use it – we’ll be the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many exciting things we do, we’ll be utterly miserable.”

— Demos Shakarian, Founder

Aside the operations from the International, the Ghana Fellowship operates on a three tier operational module:

Local Chapter Operations

The foundation of the Fellowship is found at the Chapter Level where the Chapters organize weekly and monthly meetings with business people sharing their personal testimonies. Activities at the Chapter Level are fundamental to the commitment of members to the Fellowship. The Chapters undertake Special projects and outreaches to their local community such as Voice Walks (distribution of the Voice Magazine, which is the mouthpiece of FGBMFI. Its content comprises only personal testimonies of members), Business Seminars, blood donations and health screenings, provision of amenities, among other projects.

Regional Operations

The Regional Directorates have supervisory roles over the Chapters in the respective regions. The Regions map out the outreaching of Chapters. The Regional Directorates monitor the growth and development of the Chapters, and training of Chapter leadership.

National Operations

Operations at the National level involve training for members and leaders, resource development unique to the nation, national projects and outreaches, and airlifts to other nations.