Bouncing Back From Grace To Grass

Bouncing Back From Grace To Grass

Testimony of Mr. Enoch Dzah

From Grace To Grass

Until my 5th birthday, life was really good growing up as a child in Accra. All was rosy and smooth for my parents who being devoted members in a charismatic church raised us up with Christian values. My parents lost everything including their jobs and property and we had to settle for very difficult choices which were unbearable coming from the background I have painted above.

My mum with two of my siblings and I had to move to the village leaving only my dad and sister here in the city of Accra. Life in the village was tough as we had to adapt to the new environment. I have vivid memories of the countless occasions when we fell sick. For the next 10 years of my life, I ended up farming and schooling at the same.

It wasn’t surprising therefore that I made a mess of my BECE coming up with aggregate 25. I couldn’t proceed to the school of my choice.  Staying at home and watching my friends trooping to Senior High School was a humiliating ordeal of my life.

In Church But Not In Christ

I relocated to the Accra with my siblings and went to Senior High School a year later where I joined the Scripture Union (SU). Here, I met a gentleman by name John who led me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior. Mind you, I had always been in the church doing church related stuff but had not surrendered my life to Jesus as my lord and personal saviour. I then noticed a change in my Christian life with consistency in my prayer life. I remember waking up to pray each night at 11:30pm.

The Tables Begin To Turn

All of a sudden, my academic performance started to improve and I started getting excellent results. It was second term in Form 2 when I received my end of term results and to my amazement, I had 8A’s, a B and a C. This could only be God looking back to my four-four-four-four-four-five-five-six-six (4-4-4-4-4-5-5-6-6) from Junior High School.

Miraculously, people I didn’t know started paying for my fees through some of my teachers. I was awarded a PTA half scholarship in Form 2 and someway somehow, I was also awarded a CHESED Foundation Scholarship which was to cater for both my School fees and books at High School and tuition and hostel fees including stipends for my University education.

I am now done with University, currently working with one of Ghana’s leading indigenous banks, a pastor and a member of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International which has been very instrumental in my making.

This is what God has done for me and I want to encourage you as you read this testimony that God can do just that and even more for you.

Enoch Dzah

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